Bloodhunger - [Demo EP]

by Robb Goblin

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This was the follow-up to "Livevil". The music got a lot darker thematically, even though some of the songs on here are dorky toe-tappers. This is also one of my favorite releases that I've done, as I think every song could stand on its own as a single.


released July 3, 2015

All music written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Rob Dead
Album art by Rob Dead



all rights reserved


Meager Records Pennsylvania

Meager Records is an independent music label owned by singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Rob Adams, a.k.a. Rob Dead, or Uldur.

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Track Name: The Warmth That She Bleeds (Demo)
Alone in this tomb
Lit by the candles and cracks in the dark by the moon
Silver gates hold a burn in my chest
The comfort of coffins and still, icy breath

Alone in my grave
Crawl from the casket in search of the blood that I crave
Sneak under streetlights up to her door
Open the window and onto the floor

And I'll hunt 'til the rays
Of the sun surface and chase the darkness away
And I won't sleep 'til I get what I need
To feast on the red, bitter warmth that she bleeds

I stand by the side of her bed
Watching her sleep while she dreams of the end
Baring my teeth at the taste of her neck
Give in to this curse, sink my teeth in her flesh
Track Name: Red Night (Demo)
She came to me on a lonely eve
Bitter stench pierced by her flesh on the breeze
The sky is opening like a wound
Throwing red down in my tomb

And on this red night
I will make you mine
I will make you understand
The pleasures of eternal life
There's no second chances when you die
So go and lay your head down tonight

The cold is bracing, are you scared?
Terrified to save your life from what's in there
We are what they fear, so do not turn away
Fall forever in eternity's embrace
Track Name: Gimme Blood (Demo)
Tonight is the night when humanity falls
The sounds of switchblades echo off of the building walls
Plagues on the homes of the rich and torture for eternity
Ripped from the skin of the wicked by sweet animosity

Gimme blood, gimme gore
Gimme death and when it's done, gimme more
Gimme violence and fires in the streets down below
Your suffering and hate, fucking gimme it all

Lacerations, a city is drowned in an ocean of flames
Seasons of mass extinction and dead crawling out from their graves
Shed your flesh, join the ranks of the manic and out-of-control
With no hesitation, we're gnashing and tearing and burning it all

Look to the west, seas of the damned crashing to shore
We're holding our breath, could this be the end that we've all been waiting for?
And I'm good with a knife and a hand reaching out to your throat
The only one that wants all of this worse than me is you
Track Name: Lucy, I Was So Happy To See You Die (Demo)
Holy shit, I never thought I'd live to see the day
When your friends would stop giving you blood and let you slip away
But just when I said, "Oh, fuck yeah, that bitch is finally dead!"
Your teeth grew out, you walked about and rose to live again

Lucy, I was so happy to see you die
And truly, without you, the book would've been alright

So the Doc had had enough, the end was drawing near
Broke into your mausoleum, before you, he appeared
Normally, these things, they only happen in my dreams
He staked you, sliced right through your neck and muffled all your screams

Lucy, I was so happy when you were gone
But truly, without you, I wouldn't have wrote this song
Track Name: Late-Night Exhuming (Demo)
Thought you could escape me when you died
But with this shovel, I'll bring you back into the light
Crack open your coffin lid, the smell of sweet decay
This time, I'll make sure you never get away

Whisper and take you by the hand
For some late-night exhuming
Your eyes are cold and dead, your skin is paper-thin
From your lonely entombing
And when your veins bleed out
And your decay starts to kick in
I'll be here, whistle in the wind
To your late-night exhuming

Even though you're dead, I get these feelings
The bugs beneath your dress, I swear that you're still breathing
Come on, let me take you home, you know I'll treat you right
Take you back to my place to spend your afterlife
Track Name: The Man With No Heart Left (Demo)
The setting sun is a chill
And the blood in my eyes is icing over
I can't be bothered
To quiet your desperate screams

It's killing me, more than you know
That it's killing you

The way the pain in my flesh pulsates
At the sight of the light of a new day
They tell me it's all in my head
But these ghosts are all you've got when you've got nothing left

They'll never find you here
All the trails have gone cold, their memories fail you
There's so much blood on the floor
To the beat of your heart, and I know it's yours