Hills Of Olden

by Hills Of Olden

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Hills Of Olden was my first real music project, and this album contains every song I ever intended to write for it. I recorded it as lo-fi as I could without it sounding like complete trash because I wanted to preserve the "live" feeling of the songs. This music has helped me so much over the five years I wrote it, and I was beyond happy to finally finish everything up.


released September 20, 2016

All music written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Rob Adams
Album art by Rob Adams



all rights reserved


Meager Records Pennsylvania

Meager Records is an independent music label owned by singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Rob Adams, a.k.a. Rob Dead, or Uldur.

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Track Name: Candle
Here, but not here
I am a shadow on the hills underneath
Catch me if you care enough
But I'm ready to fall asleep
And if you would be so kind
As to turn off all of the lights
Then that would be alright
With me tonight

Prophecies fulfilling me
The witches and gallows, and dark-laden dreams
A candle burns forever and always
And all is just as it seems
Track Name: Æther
So carefully I cast my incantations on you
Blow out the candles, close the circle
My whispers can only be heard when they're lost in the wind
And I have tried to make every part of this right

Come a little closer to me
And I can teach you everything I know
I can feel the heavens breathing
I don't think that you know who I am

Celestial feelings that I've given to you
Relight the fire in your eyes
And each and every day I know there are whispers in the wind
And you have made every part of this feel right

Come a little closer to me
And you can teach me everything I know
Can you feel the heavens breathing?
I don't think that you know who I am
Track Name: Olden
And the way the wind blows
It takes me anywhere at all

I call to the trees
Atop the hills I wander
Crystal moon, setting sun
Sleepy dreams I'm under

And the way the wind blows
It takes me anywhere at all
I hope to see you in the light
When the shades of leaves fall
Track Name: Stargazers
Can I, watching as she's opening her eyes
To the white?
And I might fall asleep before I pressurize
Out of my mind

Catch the night
I promise I'll be okay today
Chase the dawn and wander away
With the fire in the sky
Catch the light
I promise you'll be alright tonight
Brace the dark and live for a life
The kind that never dies

Can I fall into the stars with open arms
To ignite?
And you know you can call me back down to Earth anytime
If you try
Track Name: Mahogany
Woke up where I've been laying there
Morning frost on mahogany stairs
Sit by the landing and wait for you
If it's the last thing I ever do

Now, darling, how did we end up in this place?
In the sunlight, you smile in your pillowcase
And I don't care how this came to be
Beneath the stars or between the sheets
I'll fall asleep with you next to me

I heard your feet coming down the stairs
Your tired eyes and your tangled hair
Sit by the window, don't be so far
There's a place for you here between my arms
Track Name: Harvest
All the words escape me
Darling, rest your head, come closer
Whisper lonely things to me
And take my broken hands
When I let you in, I sheltered you
Somewhere in my memories
And I recall this never-ending
Beginning of you and me

Light another candle, darling
And the shadows won't even dare
Chase away this bitter cold
So I can breathe again
When you let me in, you showed me
The scars of your design
Let the waves of sleep overtake you
I promise you'll be just fine

Who's to say you and I
Aren't ghosts on the other side?
Leaving fate to the night
And the moon of the harvest time
Track Name: October
There's something in waiting here for the sun
To catch up and meet you
Crossed between ghosts
And a harvest moon
Lay down your torches and crystalline thorns
For a dusting of sage
With heads resting on headstones
We'll sleep it away

The colors you're dreaming are under your skin
And right from the heart
Where trees are like pages
In books of time
Wash away emptiness inside your eyes
A fall masquerade
The light of our alchemy
Keeping the dark away

And harm it none, do what you will
With all of these things that make me feel

Sparks in the air rain down from the sky
And fall on my scars
With flames reaching up
To tear at the night
Something I saw in their eyes just made me believe
In life before dawn
We'll stay in this moment
And wait for the time to pass on
Track Name: Eight
Eight, you illustrate imagination
Of your creation, the enervation
And you watch me from up in the atmosphere
So far away from here, my dear

Was it me that you're looking for?
Your windy strings and a broken score
Raindrops falling on the floor
Your latest lore outside my door
Tell me, who's it for?

Eight, you indicate exasperation
You're explication, the indignation
And you watch me from up in the crystal clear
The time has come again, I fear, my dear

Was it me you were looking for?
You left your things in the corridor
Empty string falling on the floor
Your latest lore outside my door
Tell me, who's it for?
Track Name: Cellar
She's carving letters in the basement floor
And the way the moonlight's dancing through the edges
She pours herself a drink into a heart-shaped glass
And brings me to life

And I can taste it, bitter on her breath
Her chemicals reset
Drops falling on her dress
Sip sweetly, darling, I'll see you in death

In the darkness, cloaked in broken wings
Silence chases trails of smoke beneath my message
"Drink the poison, dear, and meet me in the afterlife.
I swear to you that I'll be laying in your arms tonight."
Track Name: The Night
Counting the stars in his emerald eyes
Spurring a black horse in its side
Let it be spoken, let it be lucid
Call me out when he reaches the sun

You can catch him on the blink of a stare
Where I won't remember the night
Walk me down beyond the sight
Let me drink in the colors

White constellations on the rise
Burning holes in the sable sky
Let it be a light in his lonely eyes
Just after the evening dies
Track Name: Ephemeral
Look to the winter's sun
And all the clouds dissipate
A frozen lake, a scrying device
Wishes and wonders open up my weary eyes

I can't let go, these ashes turn to stone
I lower my defenses when I'm all alone
Let me go, frozen and cold
The whispers in the dark, ephemeral

Over the snow and mountaintops
Do I find you, wounded at the throat
Red melts white, the hunter's prize
But don't you leave on me

I can't let go, these ashes turn to stone
I lower my defenses when I'm all alone
Let me go, frozen and cold
The bleeding in your heart, ephemeral

Tell me, would you carry the weight of the world?
Or would you let it fall on me
Bury me beneath the shallow dirt?

I can't let go, these ashes turn to stone
I lower my defenses when I'm all alone
Let me go
The pain and when it starts, ephemeral
Track Name: Astral
It takes me on my own
Away from lonely eyes
The winds are whispering
Through a castle of whirling stars

Here at the end of the road
Just waiting to carry me home
Into the arms of the world
And into the great unknown

A touch of blackened sky
The starlight is shivering
It fills an empty space
An eternal deliverance

When I lay my head to rest
An astral diadem
These arms across my chest
This soul omnipotent
Track Name: Cantrip
Sometimes, she paints the lights in the sky
Black magic captivates me, I'm alive
Glistening eyes like crystal and ice
Lips revelate the names of the night
And all of the times they spent whispering mine
Crescents catching the moon just right

Her words washing over me
Like waterfalls, and I believe
In her blessèd subtleties
A servant to her reprieve
Oh, please carry me

Synergy stokes the embers again
Candles with stay my frostbitten end
And I'm hoping
That the tatters of my strength will mend
She's weaving my broken ascent
And I don't know where I'll begin

Oh, please carry me
Over waterfalls, and I believe
In her blessèd subtleties
A servant to her reprieve
Oh, please carry me