Horror Business

by Roby Horror

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I wrote and recorded this album in about a week. I wanted to see what would happen if I tried to write an album in such a short span of time, and honestly, I think every song on here has a hella catchy chorus. I actually didn't like this album at all directly after releasing it, but over time, it's grown on me a lot.


released July 9, 2016

All music written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Rob Dead
Album art by Rob Dead



all rights reserved


Meager Records Pennsylvania

Meager Records is an independent music label owned by singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Rob Adams, a.k.a. Rob Dead, or Uldur.

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Track Name: Candy Corn Zombie Horde
Halloween night at the bottom of the bag
A pound of sugar waits there, never to be had
But then the moon comes out, and the cellar starts to shake
The wicked, ancient curse begins to reawake

Dragging feet and humid breath
Hungry for some human flesh
Bits of sugar repossessed
Candy corn zombie horde, yeah

The basement door is all that stands between
Myself and those evil confectionaries
Can't shoot 'em in the head, their brains are way too small
I guess that means we're gonna have to eat them all
Track Name: Awkward Vampire
Living dead ain't easy, no one teaches you these things
You look straight-up repulsive, and the sunlight burns and stings
Wake up in a coffin and go back to bed the same
My parents told me this was nothing more than just a phase

Excuse me, pardon me, I need to get on through
I promise it won't hurt too much, it's something I must do
I'm gonna need some blood from you, I mean, if that's okay
I'm getting really hungry, and I haven't fed all day

Forgot all about breathing and bathing just as well
But when it comes to feeding, well, I'm anxious as all hell
I hope nobody notices I'm always out at night
Or how I start to sneeze if there's a crucifix nearby
Track Name: All My Friends Are (Un)Dead
The last time I stayed out late
I was met with a terrible fate
In a churchyard under the moon
I saw my friends' names carved into tombs

They're coming back for me, yeah

The last time I stated out late
I watched my best friend eat somebody's face
He turned to me and started to creep
Before I knew it, they were all around me

All my friends are undead
Taken by Death and thrown right back again
All my friends are undead
And they won't stop until I'm one of them
Track Name: Blood 'N' Gourd
See the metal gleam and move across its face
Pick a starting point, put it into place
The incisions will begin, a polished steel blade
Cut out the smallest piece and see what I have made

My hands are stained with pumpkin guts tonight
Blood and gourd are all that are in sight

Two eyes, a crooked nose, a maw with jagged teeth
Eyebrows are pointed down, the air is getting sweet
The final cut is drawn, the candle is in place
Cut out the largest piece and see what I have made
Track Name: Dracula Stole My Girlfriend
I swear this is the last time
I invite the Count to anything of mine
Left to make him a blood latte swirl
When I came back, he was chatting up my girl

Baby, don't look in his eyes
You'll be mesmerized

Dracula stole my girlfriend
Don't call it rotten luck
His days of evil need to end
You could say that this really sucks

If I wasn't trying to be a good host
I'd stick a Jesus fish in your eye
Dracula, you're not so much a creature
But you're the asshole of the night
Track Name: Living With Lycanthropy
I don't know whether I can weather this again
But I guess I really haven't got a choice
Run out to the middle of the woods in the moonlight
And hope nobody hears all of the noise

Yeah, I'm living with lycanthropy
Bet you've got a silver bullet for me

Sometimes, I wish I'd fall sleep
And wake up when the moon goes back down
I feel my skin revealing
The monster I keep inside is out

Where you gonna run to
With four feral limbs gunning for you?
Where you gonna run to
When I pull the spine right out from you?
Track Name: She Only Wants Me For My Brains
Met a girl outside the horror show
She has long, black hair and a tag on her toe
I swear I really didn't know that she's dead
Until I caught her staring at the top of my head

My zombie girl, she only wants me for my brains
And I couldn't see it
Yeah, she only wants me for my brains
But that's okay

Went for a little drive Monday night
Ragged, old clothes and a missing eye
Moved in to give me a kiss goodbye
But it was less of a kiss and more of a bite
Track Name: Leave My Demons Outta This
Been trying to get them to see
Saying there's something going on with me
Sure, my head can spin around, can walk the ceiling upside-down
But nothing's gonna run me out

Leave my demons outta this
Let my evil be
Leave my demons outta this
Don't preach nothing to me

Priest don't know how long we've been together
I'll be running with this longer than forever
Sure, I speak in different tongues and place a curse on everyone
But you'll never see me out on the run
Track Name: For Whom The Bell Tolls
Welcome, I've been expecting you
In the dark streetlights, come into view
If you see me, when you do, turn and scream
I can find you where you are, hear you breathe

Trip and fall on your knees, that's your fatal flaw
Claws, they sheen in the night, watch you crawl
Flesh opens up, feel the blood, my surprise
You're holding on where the rest all have died

Let this all begin again
The sooner it all ends
Honestly, what made you feel you were the one
To flee the icy, cold grips of Death?
Track Name: Take Me To Your Leader
The world has met its end, humanity's last stand
And things aren't looking up for us at all
The sky is raining death, I guess I got my wish
When I said I was tired of living here

Beam me up into the mothership
So I can watch the apocalypse
And take me to your leader

Lights and death-rays from up in outer space
And no, there's nothing we can do at all
Burning cities down and abducting cows
I gotta admit, this is pretty cool