by Robb Goblin

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There was a time where I wanted to turn all of my old Robb Goblin demos into full-length albums. That time is no longer here, but I did at least completely redo one of those demos. I wrote five new songs and added them to the mix, and I gotta say, everything turned out pretty well.


released September 20, 2016

All music written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Rob Dead
Album art by Rob Dead



all rights reserved


Meager Records Pennsylvania

Meager Records is an independent music label owned by singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Rob Adams, a.k.a. Rob Dead, or Uldur.

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Track Name: Don't Open, Dead Inside
Here we are at the end of everything
You don't know what for
Everyone you love is dead in shambles
Open up the door

Let us in
Let you out

Don't open, dead inside
Painted in red, painted
Don't open, dead inside
You waited, we waited
Track Name: The Devil Is Pleased
I sit in a circle of candles
And wait for the blood on my hands to dry
At three a.m., the witching hour
It's time for a sacrifice

The devil is pleased, he stares through the mirror
And smiles at my offering
The devil is ready, her soul leaves her body
To take her to Hell with me

I place her exalted on top of the altar
This women that I adore
The still-beating heart that I ripped from her chest
Is bleeding all over the floor
Track Name: Zombie Witch
Tonight begins the endless season on the witch
Self-inflicted are her dreams of darkness
Rest assured, she doesn't rest anymore
Under the fullest moonlight, heed her calling

Up from the depths of her swamp
She rises on this evening
Banshee's cry, serpent tongue
Gnashing teeth, she's screaming
She's a sick, evil bitch
Caught her curse, zombie witch
And I can feel her calling to me

A fetid hand emerges up from the murky waters
The stench of death and rotted flesh hangs in the air
Tonight, she beckons me to her cabin in the trees
To cast her undead necromancy
Track Name: Dr. Robb's Experiment
My masterpiece is lying there on the slab
In the middle of my scientific lab
With my two hands, I built him stitch by stitch
Lightning strikes, throw the switch

Electrodes are racing, the room starts to shake
His eyes, they burst open, the monster awakes
He breaks the restraints, even to my surprise
Can't help but to scream to the world, "It's alive!"

It's alive

A monolith of many dead bodies combined
Fueled by electrons and a criminal mind
He walks through the gates and stumbles outside
They told me I'm insane, but they'll see it's alive
Track Name: Ghost Hearse
When you're driving down a long, forgotten road
At the witching hour, so I've been told
666 horses, hit the gas
Headlights in the rear-view, he'll make it fast

Buried in a ghost hearse
Driving down to Hell
The road is paved with good intentions
I'll see you there
Track Name: The Night When You Die
I wait here for you
Baby, it's all that I do
Lurk in the shadows beneath
The night sky, beneath a full moon
When the coast is all clear
And I know that nobody is near
I'll jump out, scare you half to death
Then I'll kill you with fear

What I'm trying to say
Is that this is the night when you die
You can try to outrun me, but your fate is sealed
I'll always find out where you hide

I wait here for you
You know that it's all over soon
Embrace it, or run and die painfully
It's your time to choose
When the coast is all clear
There's no other soul that can hear
I'll strike and I'll tear the soul right from your chest
I'm afraid you're time's running out, dear
Track Name: Monday Morning Of The Living Dead
I wake up bright and early to the sound of my alarm
From a cadaverous sleep
My guts are hanging out, and I've got maggots in my arms
And I'm dying for somebody to eat
I stand next to my window, and I take a look outside
And see I'm not the only one who's changed
There are zombies everywhere and people running for their lives
And flesh and blood and delicious brains

It's Monday morning of the living dead
I look and feel atrocious, and I'm half-asleep
It's Monday morning, I don't wanna leave my bed
Can I pay someone to do this shit for me?

Since I'm dead, I guess I can do whatever I please
I think I'll eat my boss to start the day
This'll be you too: homicidal, dead, and free
Can't beat 'em, so just eat 'em anyway

It's Monday morning of the living dead
Why can't I just go back to sleep?
It's Monday morning, I don't wanna leave my bed
Can I pay someone to do this shit for me?
Track Name: Living Evil
All the words that the pastor spoke
Left me buried down below
But I wasn't through at all
So when that harvest moon
Shines down on my tomb
Where I'm buried right here next to you

I'm living evil
Human skulls, sacrifices, scaring the shit outta people
Living evil
It's a way of life, so why do I even need a reason?

Don't pretend to mourn for me
Don't cry or stand and grieve
'Cause I'm better now than I've ever been
The dark magician
And his dark ambitions
Came to empower me
Track Name: Bloody Hell
There's blood on the floor
The walls are painted red
So little time and so much war
Shouldn't both of us be dead?

It's a bloody hell
For yourself, for myself

It's always been about you
It's time that I got mine
Put my knife inside your chest
When you stuck me in the spine
Track Name: Cemetery Romance
It's getting late, drawn here by your quiet whispering
Up and over the cemetery gates
The air is motionless, the caretaker's sleeping soundly
And the starlight is just enough

Tonight is all we ever wanted
Leaning on a mausoleum, dreaming
They will find you and me howling under twisted trees
Dancing 'cause the dead can't hear a thing we say, singing

The moon is luminous and overhead
Laughing and holding hands through the fields of stones
Ravens mourn the passing of the daylight from the shadows
And your eyes are all I see of you