Songs For Haunting - [EP]

by Here Lies Rob

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A quick little ukulele horror EP that I felt inspired to write out of the blue. All five tunes are about ghosts and being possessed by evil spirits and whatnot.


released March 25, 2017

All music written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Rob Dead
Album art by Unknown



all rights reserved


Meager Records Pennsylvania

Meager Records is an independent music label owned by singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Rob Adams, a.k.a. Rob Dead, or Uldur.

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Track Name: Summon You
The dark begins to fall
Three candles burning bright
Upon my ritual
The ghosts come out to play tonight

I will summon you, whatever it takes
They told me talking to the dead would all be in vain
But now a chill creeps through the air, I know it's no mistake
The spell I cast awakened you from far beyond the grave

A light invades the room
And floats in front of me
The altar starts to move
And then the silence breaks

In the candlelight, I can see myself
Behind me, there's a shadow, but I think it's someone else
Track Name: Possessing Me
A night of exploration in your old, abandoned home
When I stepped inside, I knew I didn't feel alone
Hearing footsteps, getting chills when I'm by myself in there
Scratching on the walls and in my ears, but I wasn't scared

I know you're possessing me
And I'm obsessed

My daily life has changed into the stuff of nightmares
Pretty sure last night I spider-walked right down the stairs
Demons drawing sixes on the walls and screaming in my head
Every time I try to go to sleep, I float right out of bed
Track Name: Spirit Away
Walking through the door, and I know it's been a while
Since I last visited your dark domicile
The air is bitter cold and the paintings on the wall
Have eyes black as death that could stare through your soul

I wait for the day
That you'll spirit away

The cross in your room, you turned on its head
Hand prints and pentagrams are all painted red
The circle on the floor is how they set you free
One day, I hope you'll end your possession of me
Track Name: Wait Out The Night
Hazy autumn moon, you set me in a whirl
Cigarettes and streetlights perforate the world
Hang up my coat, black bag set down on the floor
I know she's upstairs, I heard her from the foot of the door

Hold my breath, count to ten
Close the door and enter the devil's den

She's not herself anymore
Evil tricks and demonics have taken out her soul
Compelled by nothing more than wicked lies
Take a breath, wave a hand, and wait out the night

Foul abomination, she speaks in different tongues
Eyes are running a dark red, soul is feeling numb
Out from the depths of Hell, her keeper called
Took the pact, signed in blood, sworn to kill us all
Track Name: Haunting Here
When you think of ghosts, tell me what you see?
Lurking in the shadows, maybe floating through your dreams?
But we're really nothing like the lore
I guess nobody's keeping score
And mainly we're just tired and bored

Twenty-one years, I've been haunting here
If you come too near, then I'm sure to disappear
Twenty-one years, I've been haunting here
You might be scared of other things, but we're not much to fear

These monuments have always been my home
Way down in the dirt, but I know I'm not alone
They bury your corpse and leave you to rot
But then a ghost comes to take your spot
But, hey, it's not as awful as you thought