Summer Songs - [Demo EP]

by Robb Goblin

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I actually wrote this EP for therapeutic reasons. I was waiting for a dental surgery, and I was horribly fearful of the whole thing, so writing this helped keep my mind occupied at the time. I experimented with a lot of different angles here too, and I'm still very happy with the results.


released August 16, 2015

All music written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Rob Dead
Album art by Rob Dead



all rights reserved


Meager Records Pennsylvania

Meager Records is an independent music label owned by singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Rob Adams, a.k.a. Rob Dead, or Uldur.

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Track Name: Permanent Damnation (Demo)
Sometimes, I need to get away
Life is just too stressful, I could really use a break
But the road into Hell only goes one way
When I arrived here, I was greeted at the gates
A sign written in blood says, "Your Eternity Awaits"
So I asked a demon how long could I stay?
And he said

It's a permanent, permanent damnation
The sun is burning bright and so are we
Permanent, permanent damnation
Relax and let your troubles melt away

I can't remember the last time I felt this free
Drinking from a skull, relaxing to the sound of screams
I pinch myself, this must be all a dream
Track Name: Lycanthropy Blues (Demo)
You better run
I can't explain
The way the moonlight calls me
I was born this way

She looked so fine, black hair, blue eyes
Took another drag from her cigarette
We're out on a drive, it's Saturday night
The moon is full, but I haven't told her yet

You better run
I can't explain
The way the moonlight calls me
I was born this way
You know I try
There's nothing I can do
But tear you limb from limb
It's my lycanthropy blues

Got me feeling kinda strange, and there's something in my brain
Telling me to rip the skin from her bones
Human flesh is replaced with a wolven mane
Don't try to scream, you bitch, I've got you all alone
Track Name: Toil & Trouble (Demo)
I'm an old soul, a death away from infinite
And I know this life can be so full of shit sometimes
But we all got ways of getting by
The devil has had his eyes on me a while
And trouble has a funny way of finding me around
But I'll take my descent in stride

Let me put a hex across your lips
And free fall into Hell for the hell of it
No matter what I say or sacrifice
I'll pay the price for the darkness when I die
When I die

Calling the forbidden gods around me
Storming, raining hell from the skies above
To bring about the end of time

Catch me if you can
I'll lay my life out on a whim
And my pain, it burns the soul
But in your death, I will feel whole again
Track Name: Pariah (Demo)
I'm gonna show you the devil
In his house of fire
I'm gonna take you down to the tenth circle
Got a bone to pick with him for a while
I've seen every season in deprecation
Had my demons sing to me all night
Doesn't matter if you're heaven-sent or helpless
There ain't ever been a good day to die

Well, I've heard voices calling up from the chasm
Had the hounds of Hell pulling me down
Shadows under my heels in the sunset
When the wings of Heaven cast me out
I speak in curses, nothing grows where I stand
Silent like an abandoned ghost town
Cause I'm a cold-hearted, rotten son of a bitch
Ain't shit gonna keep me underground
Track Name: Death Don't Die (Demo)
I'm gonna tell you something
There's no life that we have to pretend
I'm gonna tell you nothing
Nothing's worth the price of death

And it's something when you crawl from your tomb
Push the loamy earth aside
There's no light to greet me at the end
Cause darling, Death don't wanna die

It's gonna be a long time
'Til the demons inside me rise
And it's gonna be the wrong time
Cause there's nothing like self-sacrifice
Track Name: I'm Gonna Put You In A Coffin (Demo)
I'm going out looking for some trouble tonight
Fix my hair and smile in the shimmer of my knife
People see me and they take off running for their lives
But I swear, before the sun comes up, somebody's gonna die

I'm gonna put you in a coffin
Gonna put you in the ground
Put you in a coffin

I'll kill you just to see if you'll be prettier in death
You're not the first and not the last, they haven't caught me yet
But if they do, they might tell me I'm being kinda crass
I'll spill their guts, I'm fucking nuts, they can kiss my rotten ass

The bugs in the dirt are real good friends of mine
They'll find their way into your rotting body in time
No one will ever know, I'll never say a word
And neither will you six feet under the earth