The Headache Sessions, Vol. I: Bad Dreams

by Drac O' Lantern

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I wrote all of these songs in about three hours with a wicked headache, hence the name. I actually found this to be very therapeutic, and by the fifth or sixth song, the headache had finally left.


released November 11, 2016

All music written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Rob Dead
Album art by Rob Dead



all rights reserved


Meager Records Pennsylvania

Meager Records is an independent music label owned by singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Rob Adams, a.k.a. Rob Dead, or Uldur.

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Track Name: Wolfwound
I try to behave when I see the full moon
But you don't know the half of it
Anytime its light shines down on me
Oh, baby, it hurts like a bitch

Well, you know the wolfwound curse in me
And how it turns me inside out

Find me out after midnight
Sifting through the guts of some poor misfortunate
Count the cuts, hear the howl
You better be fucking scared of it

Predator and prey
Running far away
Smell the bleeding sweat
'Cause it ain't over yet
Track Name: Bathed In Blood
Red in the dark spilling onto the floor
There's never enough, always dying for more
Sever the head, or drip from a wound
If it's in your veins, I'll be spilling it soon

Now I'll bathe in your blood
To the sounds of your screams
Pain never ends
Bringing death in your dreams

Warm on the skin, you can drink from it too
Sit in my forbidden fountain of youth
You told me you want it, though you're scared to death
But darling, you look so much better in red
Track Name: Heads A-Roll
Sing it, 1, 2, 3, drop the blade, set it free
Heads a-roll, heads a-roll, life's a terrible thing
Bloody hair, down the stairs, kick it up in the air
Heads a-roll, heads a-roll

Now the priest on the stage draws his ritual blade
Heads a-roll, heads a-roll, baby, don't look away
Right across the throat, gasping and choke
Heads a-roll, heads a-roll, heads a-roll

Watch the butcher attack, let's see who gets the axe
Heads a-roll, heads a-roll, there's no putting it back
Lacerating the neck, see the blood spurt from it
Heads a-roll, heads a-roll
Track Name: Bad Dreams
Damn near every time I lay down and I close my eyes
My mind keeps drifting off to wicked things
Evil women, pale as death, but at the same time
Behind, a pointed tail and crooked wings

No more sleeping in the daylight
Bad dreams

She's a succubus in every sense of it
Her flesh is burning, but I like the pain
My demon seed is all she wants from me
But, shit, before I know it, I'm awake

I know she's coming 'round again
Bad dreams

She says she knows when I'm asleep
Well, what the fuck you want from me?
Will you ever set me free?
Bad dreams
Track Name: Ditchdigger
I am a special soul
Death-loving asshole
Here to wake the dead
And rattle every bone

Now I'm digging in the dirt

Can't ask for any more
Your head is on the floor
My shovel disconnects
This cemetery whore

I can't deny your doom
These predetermined tombs
Fuck you, I'll be the one
To bury all of you
Track Name: Red In The Eyes
I'd cut you to pieces
If I ever found you
But I know your intentions
Don't act like you don't know too

And it's all up to you
How you want this to go
Baby, I'm seeing blood
The hate is all that I know

I waited all day
For you to come home
But it seems things have changed
'Cause now you're scared and alone